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Connecting the World through Yoga

About Our Community!

When staring our Journey to Self, we were inspired by watching the commitment of empowered women from 24 countries to pick up the practice of yoga & mindfulness.

Though we are physically apart, our hearts are connected through a shared passion. Inspired by this, we decided to kickstart Fellowship, a program supporting women on their first journey to Self.

The 21st century has definitely been a time that is challenging us - a time where it feels like there is too many commitments or restrictions blocking us from truly living in alignment to our purpose. It is our vision to build a community to bring together like-minded women so we can empower one another, keeping each other accountable while inspiring confidence to live our best lives in this journey.

A community by women for women.
We are here for you.

No judgement, only encouragement.

Welcome to our community!

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