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our highlights

In each month, we curate monthly themes to support our community in pursuing their goals, dreams and even uncovering self-value and worth.


We love how much our community continues supporting each other without boundaries or judgements.



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our january

A challenge created to empower our community to take ownership of their 2021 with goal setting and motivation-inspired activities.


our february

A lovely month for us to inspire everyone by creating a 28-Day To More Self-Love initiative with hopes to spark more of that me-time in everyone's routines.


our march

A 28-Day challenge to Mindful Eating to remind, encourage and be each other's accountability buddy towards a wholesome diet in everyone's meals.


our april

April is a meaningful month as Kindness is what everyone is born to have, but too much external factors in our lives that camouflage our kindness within us. We can show our kindness not only to people, but to our belongings, the environment, our earth and everything.


our may

May is our very first time to offer our exclusive Mindfulness Journaling to all. We guided everyone step by step towards this 28-day Mindfulness Journaling starting 1 May with the Weekly Journaling in PDF ready in our blogs.


our june

June is a beautiful month. In this 28-day challenge, we learned many inspiring and profound quotes from wise men and sages together.

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