our story

We are advocates of yoga, wellness, health and wellbeing. We believe that yoga is a gateway into deepening one's spiritual practice. It is a journey not just limited to physical health & wellbeing but also the mind. We always believe that everyone has the power to uplift their life through the beautiful teachings of yoga and mindfulness.

The idea conceptualized when the founder, Amberlyn first realized that we had limits in connecting with the global community of like-minded women. We felt it more when experiencing the pandemic in early 2020Amberlyn knew that this is no longer a personal journey, it is all about the community and has since invited Vanessa to be a part of the teaching team to embark on Our Journey to Self — online platform.

We keep our faith in delivering yoga to more people without bounded by borders and time. Pandemic will be over one day but what keeps us going is our boldest vision. It is to invite everyone to try yoga practice at least once in a lifetime.


Here is the story behind we keep this online platform running, to connect with the community through yoga.

ojts cover.png

'Our' is the brand's signature logo.  

​It was a beautiful discovery by Amberlyn who realizes that it existed already within the word "Journey" and so it truly symbolizes our Journey to Self.

It celebrates YOU as YOU embark on your personal path through yoga.

Ultimately, we are only here to support one another in finding the journey back home to discover the true Self each and every day.

Journey to Self is all about celebrating personal growth through yoga.


Our Journey to Self is where we intend to

explore, experience and excel in this journey

together with our community.