Have you found your Peace?



freedom from disturbance; tranquillity.

We always look for peace as it gives us harmony, equality and joy. The peace we usually talk about is the peace of the outside world. It is something to do with the people, environment and the world, but nothing to do with you. Here we invite you, allow yourself to take time sinking down in this month of June, together we find the peace from within.

Some might be curious how inner peace relates to yoga. You might have noticed we have our monthly themes, thanks to Teacher Vanessa for such a good idea. We had our New Year Resolution in Jan, Self-love in February, Mindful Eating in March, Kindness in April, Mindfulness Journaling in May and here we have Inner Peace in June.

Yoga is originated from the sanskrit word Yuj, it means union.

The definition of yoga can be slightly different for everyone, as it is rooted in an individual's belief and experience in yoga. To me, yoga is about finding the inner connection between body, mind and soul. Yoga guides us to shift the attention inward, not to the outside world. We are what we made up of. What we think, how we feel, why we act in such a way are all from within. If you could not connect to your inner self, who are you?

In yoga asana, we practice yoga poses to increase our body awareness in our lives. With every breath and every move, we try to improve our senses. In every deep breath, we can't see the internal organs but we could feel their existence while moving as we breathe. The hardest part of yoga asana is not about the advanced pose or fancy pose we see online, it is about moving to find the stillness of the mind in yoga practice. There is nothing to be proud of doing full split or headstand, but being aware of your present moment in finding the stillness of your mind.

Meditation is a way widely known for most people to find their inner peace. With the still pose, it is said to be easier to direct the focus to your mind and lead to your inner world. The world is simple. Yet, we make things complicated.

June is a beautiful month. It is the month of my birth and existence on this mother earth. Here is why inner peace resonates with me so much. Inner peace is what I am searching for and working towards. From the daily prompts, the inspiring quotes by renowned wise men and sages would make your day. Among all, I personally love some of the quotes:

Do not let the behaviour of others detroy your inner peace. Dalai Lama
The less you want, the richer you are. Yanni

And not to forget the profound meaning of:

Peace is its rewards.Mahatha Gandhi

So far these are some of the quotes I love. How about yours?

Stay tuned for our daily prompts releasing in every morning.

Sending 🧡


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