If you have been following us, no matter it is on our Facebook or Instagram or just browsing our website, you might have come across our donation campaign to #helpIndiabreathe in May 2021.

What we did is to make every attendance to our online yoga sessions worthy. Every attendance made to the session, Our Journey to Self (OJTS) will donate ₹100.

Initially it was the initiative from OJTS, it has now become the effort of everyone to make it happen. During the campaign, we appreciate our dedicated teachers who delivered the sessions with our mission in mind. Specially thanks to Teacher Yong who was willing to make his SKILLS 101 on 16 May a fundraising session, donating his teaching fee into our pool of funds for the weekly donation we made.

With all the efforts made by teachers and members, we successfully raised a total of ₹12,100 to UNICEF India and Malaysia. It is a true blessing when we still have the capability to lend our helping hands when they need us the most. From this campaign, we indirectly sparked some of our teachers to organize their individual fundraising classes or even continued the efforts to jointly hold more online fundraising events with different parties.

India, to most of the yoga teachers, is the home for yoga.

It is the place I found my soul, the purpose of life is. The reason to start Our Journey to Self is simple: To invite everyone to try practice yoga at least once in a lifetime. We knew we definitely have many unseen places and unheard stories from the world. Creating this platform is to connect us to like-minded people around the world through Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness.

Yoga teaches us union.

No one-man show here as we knew synergy matters. Without the help of all of our teachers, this campaign would not be a success. We started small, yet we dream big. As yoga teachers, we always hope to share our knowledge and passion for yoga with more people. This is what keeps us united and keep doing.

We are blessed we are on the journey now.

Remark: We welcome you to join us on Total Beginner Flow (click BOOK NOW below) if you are new to yoga and not sure how to start yoga. This is a class for pose-by-pose guidance in a small group of not more than 5 students.

If you love to try our other online sessions, head over to Our Class Bundle to redeem our 14-day free pass then.

See you on the mat soon!

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