I am no longer a yoga teacher

I felt that I never truly understood the essence of yoga.

But it wasn't until now that I felt, maybe, a tiny light of truth has find its way to me. When I first started my journey into yoga, I remember almost giving up because I felt I was comfortable at where I was (in Penang at the time). But Jamie, a traveler I met, sparked that up drive with stories of being on the road and so I am grateful always for individuals I cross paths with who continue pushing me closer towards purpose. Coming back into the city, I remember then being so determined to teach yoga. Whatever opportunity that came my way, whatever chance I had, I would move out of the way just to make yoga interesting. I threw myself out into the hectic life of KL city, I embarrassed myself countless of times, I've had countless nights with little sleep and yet, it still hasn't broke me. The entire journey however felt like a huge cloud and I was moving in circles. After a series of events, I felt I lost hope again in Oct 2020 and went through a short turmoil with my mental health. Once again, I was giving up on the path. And that was when I met Amberlyn from Our Journey To Self and now, I am on the drive again to move with purpose.

Today, Jan 7 2021, as I write this, I am slowly seeing what yoga truly means to me. The people I constantly meet on this path keeps teaching me about finding meaning. There are so many more others on this journey, whom I owe my life to, that has shown me what the path to giving selflessly to my calling can teach me. There has been countless days where I am able to find my way back from my down spiral because of the healing community around me. Those who truly found peace through their practice, those who discovered yoga, those who feel this same drive to continue working the path. They exist, and they are everywhere. PS yoga isn't just all about fancy poses and tight pants. Yoga, I discovered, is an art of moving with the breath. It is about connecting to the present moment, finding stillness in a space of constant noise & distraction. Day by day, I am realizing that individuals who find their way on the mat when I hold spaces, finds this as the one place they can find peace. It is their one opportunity to take a break from the day, to work with the mind, to find the light in their day. I truly see it now, my role in all of this. To continue holding that space, so others can find peace. I am no longer a yoga teacher. I am a student of life, a student of yoga through and through. I am only here to continue holding this space, to share my practice with those who resonates and am grateful always for the lessons learned from each chance encounter.

Namaste, V

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