New Moon 10th July 2021

The theme of this new moon is very much aligned with our theme of the month;

Compassion, self-care and nurture.

The caregiving and nurturing Cancer is here to remind us about self-care and nurturing relationships with ourselves and others. This water sign that is represented by the crab truly makes us think about balance. Even though the crab is nurturing and compassionate, it is also fearlessly protective and loyal. The hard outer shell represents protection; not just for itself but for those it loves. The soft insides of the crab represents the loving, sensitive heart that it is inspired by.

This new moon begs the theme of internal and external compassion followed by setting boundaries as well. Slow down, be patient with yourself and ask yourself this question:

What nourishes your spirit and soul in this moment?

And take the action to do it. That is what compassion is; empathy+action.

Evaluate and re-evaluate self-care in all the 8 areas of your life:

1. Physical self-care

With this lockdown, how are you taking care of yourself physically? Are you doing any physical movements/exercises? Think about the exercises or movements that you can do right at home without the need to go out (Hint: Dancing, yoga, jumping jacks, and so much more)

2. Intellectual self-care

This is also important during this time as we can experience stagnation during the pandemic. Hence, it is crucial to keep our mind stimulated and active. This can include anything from reading a book, cooking or baking something you’ve never done before, listening to a podcast, watching a documentary or researching a topic online.

3. Professional self-care

Many of us are working even longer hours from home than we used to when we went to the office. Practice self-care during your work time and find the balance. Practice having boundaries by prioritising you. Know when to stop being in front of the computer and not continue work after dinner. Take breaks in between. Stretch out. Have a nice cup of coffee or chai. Know when to tune off and tune in.

4. Financial self-care

Financial worries can cause a lot of stress, anxiety and could lead to depression as well. Self-care can’t help you with your finances but your approach and mindset towards it can. Find ways to bring out the creative side of you to earn the income that you need. Seek help when needed. Read more about financial intelligence and keep track of your expenses. Do not fear money but love it, say thank you to money to create a positive energy. Money is a currency but it is also energy, attract it by appreciation and having the love for it.

5. Spiritual self-care

Meditation, yoga nidra, helping others and being with nature are some ways to tap into spiritual self-care. Spiritual self-care is about getting to know you; who you really are and creating that meaningful connection with yourself. Join us every Wednesdays for Yoga Nidra to dive deeper into your consciousness and twice a month for the New Moon and Full Moon Meditation Circles. Give yourself permission to do this.

6. Emotional self-care

Journaling, doing what you love, laughing…all of these helps with emotional self-care. It means, being there for you, no matter what. Allowing what needs to flow through you, to flow. Do things that fulfils you emotionally, that makes your heart sing with joy, that puts a smile on your face. And when you feel down, care for yourself and allow yourself to go through it with your tears.

7. Social self-care

Even though social interactions may fulfil you as we all need human connection. But sometimes, it can get overwhelming. Know when you need to set boundaries for yourself and it’s always okay to tell your friends and family that you need some time to yourself. Reach out when you need help or company but also know when to set healthy boundaries too.

8. Environmental self-care

Take care of your environment. Clear those clutters, light a candle, put on some nice music and cozy blanket on a cool day. Our environment affects our inner well-being too. Maybe it’s time to rearrange some things or clean and clear.


Always remember, it is okay to take your time to bloom. Each flower takes its own time to bloom and there’s no rush. Give yourself the space, the care that you need. Give yourself the nourishment, the sun, the soil, the water, the air…take care of YOU.

Love & Light,

Jashpreet Kaur Vairochanamayi

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