Silence is Gold

Have you ever tried to stay silent with eyes closed, without any single sound in your surrounding, just for 5 minutes? If you have been practicing meditation or enjoying inner work, silent meditation is not an issue for you.

Sure it is a bit tough and also challenging for beginners, as some of the beginners might feel they should be doing other “important stuff" in their minds.

Silent meditation is a type of ancient meditation technique referred to as Vipassana where it usually requires a 10-day practice of no talking, no interaction and no connection with the outside world. I knew that it is hard to imagine that. We could not see the changes in ourselves instantly right after that 10 days, but the consistent practice will change our perspectives over time. If you are the one who likes to read more about some empirical information of how science sees silent meditation, you can read here. I personally love the enlightenment the author shared in this article.

Effective communication isn’t about the number of words we speak. Instead, it is about the way we articulate our thoughts. Payal Sheth


Our First Silent Meditation to be

If this is going to be your first Silent Meditation, here might be some questions in your mind.

"What if I close my eyes and I fall asleep?"

"How to stay focus?"

"Can I lie against the wall? Or sit on a chair?"

"Where should I place my hands?"

Let's talk about it one by one.

1. Stay Focus

This is the concern that most people have. When our eyes closed, we might gradually start wandering without our notice, especially when there is no single sound in our space at all. Some of the people may have experienced falling into light sleep or even being mindless the whole period of silent meditation.

Here is how you can try.

  • Closing your eyes

  • Be present with every breath

The steps advised are to bring your focus to your breath so that you carry a purpose during the whole silent meditation. This is a basic idea for silent meditation, shifting the focus inwards, not the external world.

Most of the beginners are highly likely to get lost in thought halfway.

Our Silent Meditation in Gratitude Morning Flow will be a 20-minute practice. A meditative bell will help you bringing your attention back to your breath every 5-minute so that you repeat this over and over again to stay alert of your presence while practicing your inner work.

2. Meditative Postures

Walking can be a meditation as well. For Silent Meditation, we are always advised to come to a seated position, regardless of an easy pose, western crossed legs or seated lotus pose, as long as it is comfortable for you to stay longer period. It is said to be a person will stay more alert and attentive when we sit upright.

If you are not able to sit on a mat for a longer period, try to place a thick cushion underneath your seating bones or yoga block to make your legs flexing in a comfortable way. If you could not sit tall, you can lean against the wall to keep your spine straight.

3. Hand Gestures

There are too many hand gestures or mudras in meditation. If you just simply rest your hands and arms on your knees, that's good enough as long as you feel relaxed and comfortable. If you want to have a taste of having mudras for your meditation practice, you can try the mudras — Chin mudras which is related to Root Chakra. Here you can refer to related mudras to learn more if you like to explore cleansing and awakening your Chakras.

Source from

Mudras draw your mindfulness inward and reconnect you with your heart’s language of compassion, kindness, goodness, creativity, and joy. — meditation teacher Sah D’Simone


Be with Yoga, Be at Home

We are going to explore and experience this Silent Meditation together for this coming International Yoga Day on 21 June 2021 at 6.45 AM (MYT) in our Gratitude Morning Flow. This is how you should prepare yourself.

Before the session:

  1. Drink a cup of warm water to freshen up yourself.

  2. Empty the stomach and bowel before the session.

  3. Find a quiet (no disturbance) space.

  4. Ready your yoga mat.

During the session:

  1. Relax the eyes and facial muscles

  2. Sit upright in a seated pose.

After the session, we will be having our Pranayama session and followed by Sun Salutation practice to start the day with full energy. The session is a Pay-As-You-Wish session where you choose to pay whatever amount that you feel you want.

Come join us and see you there, morning people!

Sending loves,


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