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Updated: May 24, 2021

Mindfulness Journal Week 1
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Mindfulness Journal Week 2
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Mindfulness Journal Week 3
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Mindfulness Journal Week 4
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What can you relate the image below to yourself?

What did you see in the picture?

Does it happen to your thoughts sometimes? We always try to tell ourselves, "Keep calm, stay clam and be calm," We want to keep ourselves in check, keeping our life in order.

We need to recognize the waves in our mind. The waves could be so powerful that turn our thoughts into energy and move things more efficient in our lives. It may be reacting in another way where the waves eventually lead us to disruptions.

Journaling is a process to pen down our feelings and emotions in words, to allow ourselves exploring our thought process. In our own journaling, it can be our bright sides or even our dark sides. Just be you! Journaling is to reflect ourselves, our true self in words. No judgement, no punishment nor penalty. Just freely let your thoughts flow into your words and revisit your journaling in developing your self-awareness.

In April, we had our month of Kindness where we put up our daily prompts in our Instagram stories to remind that there are so many small little kindness actions we can do. Just be kind to the people, to our belongings and not to forget our environment. In May, join us for Mindfulness. Whatever you speak, you practice mindfulness so that your words heal, not hurt. Whatever you do, you do it mindfully to ensure your action helps, not to sabotage. In every move you made in life, you are making your best in changing the world a better place, not the opposite one. In simple word, we want to become a better man.

We put our heart and soul in this exclusive Mindfulness Journal. The reason is simple. We want to help every like-minded people, no matter you do practice yoga or not even knowing what is yoga, in practicing mindfulness though our daily prompts. We keep 3-step in our journaling.

Step 1 Read the prompt of the day before you start your day.
Step 2 Pen down what or how you feel after reading the mindfulness prompt.
Step 3 Revisit what you wrote before your bedtime on the same day to reflect your mindfulness practice or tell more in words.

Mindfulness journal is a very personal journey. You can share your food with your friends, share your happiness to your loved ones but no one could share the same journey as you. You, yourself that walk the every step towards the mindfulness.

Let's embark the mindfulness journal on Day 1 of May.

See you on Day 28!

Sending 🧡,


P/s Week 1 Mindfulness Journal is readily and freely downloadable. For Week 2, 3 and 4, come and join the group to grab the copy if this resonates with you 🧡

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