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Total Beginner Flow Foundation

by Amberlyn How

More than 57 people have been benefiting from the beginner yoga classes

Stretching the Body Right

Welcome to a revolution in wellness and thank you for finally choosing the best for your body and mind. Most of us might be spending more time at home than outside nowadays, or might be all day sitting for work.


If we would like to ask, how long have you been not stretching your body? If you did, do the ways of stretching you have been doing correct and appropriate? If you want to have some light stretching or exercise on your own to keep yourself active while having a work-from-home setting, will it sound good if you do it right and at the same time, meeting some friends online and earn a Certificate of completing a proper yoga foundation? This is the reason why we curate an exclusive way to learn online yoga from our home. Chair, wall, long towel, short towel and yoga blocks/small boxes (similar size as yoga blocks) will be used in the class to improve the postures and enhance your wellness from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

You will learn exactly:

  • the yogic way of breathing

  • the traditional Sun Salutation flow

  • the forward bending techniques

  • the back bending concept

  • building full-body strength

  • progressive core strength practice

  • the smooth transition in flow

  • journey of guided meditation

Empowerment through Yoga

I am Amberlyn, the founder of Our Journey to Self - an online yoga platform that supports your journey to Self through Yoga, Movement and Mindfulness. We started this online platform in January 2021 and have a bunch of regular students from different regions to practice online with us.


Way before the pandemic hits the world, I launched my own curated Basic Yoga Stretch program at physical yoga studio since March 2020. I am blessed to have the opportunity to empower more than 57 people (up to now) to begin their yoga journey online and offline, literally those who have totally zero experience in yoga. By teaching beginners online, the key challenge is the pace when they come to regular yoga classes where some have been practicing for some time and some just started (maybe was their first yoga class). 

This is the reason I decided to curate an exclusive way to learn online yoga from our home. Chair, wall, long towel, short towel and yoga blocks/small boxes (similar size as yoga blocks) will be used in the class to improve the postures. We will be learning the way of self-mirroring in our online yoga practice as we knew that yoga practice eventually improves our body awareness to reach to Higher Self. 

That's the journey to Self.

In this course, you will receive

2-hour Interactive Foundation Workshop

You will be joining the same group of total beginners in this batch to learn basic yoga start from the scratch. 

Everything starts from A to Z. Step-by-step guidance to ensure you are gradually becoming more aware in your breath, body and thoughts. 

Zero worries of being leftout.

Downloadable Worksheet

You will get a beautifully curated basic yoga manual in PDF format. With all the photos guidance, it is to have a reference whenever you are having your own self-practice time. 

To print it out or read it online, it is up to your preference! It is going to be your basic yoga manual for life!

4 Interactive Friday Group Yoga Classes

We will have one-hour yoga practice every Friday in September 2021 at 8-9PM (Malaysia time) together. In the session, we will practice more popular basic yoga asana (pose) and learn the regular flow in yoga class.

Recordings will be available for everyone via Google shared link provided.

Digital Certificate of Completion

We want to celebrate each small step you took in your yoga journey!


Here is where we will issue our Digital Certificate of Completion to each participant who has been working hard and trying the best to attend the 2-hour Workshop and our Friday Group Yoga Practices.

Bonus! You will also get:

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