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Our Journey

Embrace Wellness, Connect Globally, Thrive Together

Our mission is to be a gateway for individuals to deepen their spiritual practice through yoga, mindfulness, and holistic well-being. We are committed to delivering the transformative teachings of yoga to people worldwide, without boundaries of time or location. Our unwavering dedication is to invite everyone to experience the profound benefits of yoga at least once in their lifetime.

In 2023, OJTS made a significant shift from an online yoga platform to an inclusive yoga and wellness platform. Our boldest vision is to create a safe and inclusive space where individuals, especially the younger generation, can connect with the community, explore the transformative power of yoga, and embrace self-love. By fostering a supportive environment, we aim to empower individuals to thrive, grow, and embrace their authentic selves through the practices of yoga, self-love, and open and respectful discussions. We aspire to be a beacon of holistic well-being, guiding individuals on their journey toward inner peace, self-discovery, and a fulfilling life.

Our Story

Our Journey to Self a.k.a OJTS, started the online yoga community in 2021. The idea was conceptualized when the creator, Amberlyn first realized that we had limits in connecting with the global community of like-minded women. We felt it more when experiencing the pandemic in early 2020.  Amberlyn knew that this is no longer a personal journey, it is all about the community and has since invited the advocates of yoga, wellness, health and wellbeing to be a part of the teaching team to embark on Our Journey to Self — online platform.

'Our' is the brand's signature logo.  

​It was a beautiful discovery by Amberlyn who realizes that it existed already within the word "Journey" and so it truly symbolizes our Journey to Self. It celebrates YOU as YOU embark on your personal path through yoga. Ultimately, we are only here to support one another in finding the journey back home to discover the true Self each and every day.​

Journey to Self is all about celebrating personal growth through yoga.

Our Journey to Self is where we intend to explore, experience and excel in this journey together with our community.


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